Knitting and Crochet

Knitting and Crocket has recently become very popular. It can help relieve stress, keeps your hands supple and is distracting for those with mental health issues. I just enjoy it.

↓ Spiral Cloche Hat – Lightweight, easy to pack sun hat for a child and perfect for a special occasion. (Crochet by Jenny) (Ages 5 to 70

£7.50 plus post and packingspiral hat

↓ Peacock Handbag – Ideal for the little lady in your life. This cute little handbag is ideal for a purse, a phone and a bar of chocolate! All you ever need. (Crochet by Jenny) (bag 21 cm c 18 cm – strap 70cm)

£7.50 plus post and packing



↓ Matinee Jackets. Knitting a matinee jacket for a new baby used to be essential to welcome a new born. Nowadays there is probably no need as baby clothing is so readily available but it is nice to have a cute little cardigan for the newborn. (Knitted by Jenny & Sylvia) (Age newborn to 3 months)

↓ £4.00 each plus post and packing


↓  Fluffy Scarves, just the job for inside your collar, these little scarves will keep out the chill. (Knitted by Jenny) (90cm x 10cm) approx

↓ £2.50 each plus post and packing

↓ Crochet Head Band – do you, like me, hate hats but get cold ears. Try one of these headbands.  (Crocheted by Jenny)  (50cm all round x 13cm deep)

↓ £2.50 plus post and packing




To find out how to purchase any item please email
or phone 01982 560237 (In the UK) Payment can be organised by cheque, Paypal or card. Postage will be worked out depending on the item (s) chosen.