Jenny – Our WI Project

Back in January, I joined our local Women’s Institute and no sooner had I sat down and said hello to everyone than I found myself volunteering Sylvia and myself to create something for the Powys Radnor County Show. This was hardly fair of me, seeing as Sylvia was not even in the UK at the time, far less able to object to my presumption at putting her forward to work together on the project. However, when I told her she was delighted and very enthusiastic.

The theme of the show was ‘A Day at the Races’ and we spent the next 4 months busily creating A Picnic Rug and some Jewellery as per the list of of items to be entered. Other people had volunteered to make the food for the Picnic and the obligatory Hat to complete our entry. We were delighted to come third out of 30 Powys Radnor WI branches and for me, as my first attempt at anything like this it was a nice surprise. Of course, Sylvia is an old hand at this sort of thing and knew how to make an impression.

The rug is 110 cm  square and consists of applique panels showing racing horses, and racing silks in various colours. It is padded and has a waterproof backing so is very practical. A lot of the work was done by hand sewing so it represents many hours of work. The jewellery has 3 horses together with hand made beads, all made from polymer clay and co-ordinates with the rug. We are willing to sell the rug and the buyer can have the jewellery set for free.

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