Jenny – Crochet Hat and Bag

Just recently I’ve been trying to improve my crochet skills. I’ve always enjoyed crochet, although it’s long association with granny square blankets in mismatched colours during the 70’s gave it a bad reputation,  more recently it has been undergoing a resurrection. Now granny square throws are enjoying a comeback due to better colour co-ordination.  If you don’t want to take on a big project like a throw or a blanket there are lots of wonderful ideas out there for smaller items.

Two that I really enjoyed creating were a child’s spiral cloche hat  and a Peacock handbag for a little girl.  The directions are easy to follow, only took a couple of evenings each and kept my restless hands busy whilst watching The Night Manager on TV. A few of the many advantages of crochet over knitting are: no clacking needles, no dropped stitches, no swapping needles from hand to hand and you can create intricate shapes much easier. Working in the round means seamless items without the stretch and pull of circular needles. You can even join the different sections of a multi piece  project with crochet instead of sewing and make it more decorative at the same time.  Both the items above are for sale here:

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