Sylvia’s First Blog

Embroidery has to be my favourite form of needlecraft. It was the first that I mastered and I love the way stitches and colours can be utilized to create a variety of interesting textures.cushion

This can be seen quite clearly in the Jacobean design on this cushion. I’ve used a lot of different stitches in this design including satin stitch, long and short, stem stitch, French knots, cross stitch and filled in running stitch.



cardsEmbroidery is an absorbing pastime and it takes many hours to complete and therefore is not an ideal commercial craft. However, small projects such as decorating napkins, hankerchiefs, greetings cards and embellishing items of clothing can be completed quicker and therefore are suitable for commission work.

If you enjoy this type of occupation you may be interested in coming for a lesson with me. Just email me for details 

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