Jenny – Cute Denim Purse Project

The wet and windy weather has been keeping me indoors recently so I’ve had lots of time to sew. I spotted a pattern for some make up bags on Pinterest and I thought I’d adapt the idea to make some little denim purses. I love working with Denim, and you can often find denim garments in charity shops, ideal for recycling. With the addition of some scraps from my stash this was a really fun project

I scaled down the size and added a wrist strap to make them handbag or pocket size. You start with an elongated oval of your fabric and lining plus some wadding. Add some decoration with applique on the outside fabric and then bind all three layers together with some pretty bias binding. The zip is the tricky part and you can do most of it on your sewing machine but you need to finish the last part of the zip by hand. Then hand sew the side seams, catching the wrist strap into one seam as you go. I boxed the bottom corners to make the purse stand up. I think they are really cute. If you’d like one I have them for sale at the bottom of this page.

8. Cute  Zipped Denim Purses – with wrist strap for security, ideal for a quick access to your cash or for a lipstick and mirror for your handbag.  (Sewn by Jenny) (11cm x 11cm x 5cm)

£5.00 each plus post and packing

To find out how to purchase any item please email
or phone 01982 560237 (In the UK) Payment can be organised by cheque, Paypal or card. Postage will be worked out depending on the item (s) chosen.


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