Jenny – Woman’s waistcoat from recycled fabric.

I thought I’d share with you a recent project of mine. Last autumn I met a lovely lady called Lynne wearing a super waistcoat. It looked very stylish and I asked her if she had made it herself. It turned out that she had and not only that but had made several, all of which were really cute. I asked her if she’d mind me pinching her idea and she very kindly agreed and encouraged me to have a go at making my own.

So a few months later I got around to having a go myself and it was one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever done. You can let your imagination run riot. First of all I found a large denim skirt in the charity shop and gathered together some fabrics, lace and buttons from my stash, including some hand painted silk I had experimented with years ago and above is the result. I have to say I am rather pleased with it and it does provide a talking point whenever I wear it. A men’s waistcoat pattern was sized down and a few adjustments made for the bust area and it only took an afternoon including picking out the fabrics. Have a go!

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2 Responses to Jenny – Woman’s waistcoat from recycled fabric.

  1. Lynne says:

    Lynne here, so pleased you have been creating it is so satisfying to use recycled fabrics etc. Waistcoat looks great Jenny so keep creating, once I started I couldn’t stop ending up with 12!!!! Waistcoats are pretty and practical. All the best Lynne.

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